CEO Ryo Nozawa’s interview appeared in a business magazine, “Project Design”

The May issue “Project Design” (published on April 1, 2021), a business magazine that disseminates ideas and thoughts that lead to corporate innovation and regional development, featured an interview with our CEO, Mr. Nozawa.

In the interview with “decarbonized society” as the keyword, he talked about the future of the energy industry and enechain’s initiatives as the founder of the company.

The article was also published in “Project Design Online”.
Building a platform for energy Trading: Creating a society in which anybody can freely buy and sell energy
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“Project Design” is a business magazine published by the Graduate School of Business Plan, which opened in 2012.
It reports on and disseminates ideas and perspectives related to business, manufacturing, and regional development of companies that contribute to regional development and innovation to highly motivated executives, people in charge of new businesses, government executives, and entrepreneurs nationwide.

  • Medium: Project Design (magazine), May issue
  • Publication date: April 1, 2021
  • Article : enechain “Establishment of an electricity trading platform for a society where everyone can freely buy and sell electricity”